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Thomas Tallberg and his life for medicine Bio-Immunotherapy -
The history of a combined biological and Immunological therapy

Editors: Max Tallberg / Dr. Thorsten Ecke

The Finnish physician Thomas Tallberg spent his working life developing Bio-Immunotherapy - a combined biological and immunological medical therapy. In this book the authors want to place him in the context where he belongs: as a pioneer of cancer therapy. The book is based on a manuscript dictated by doctor Tallberg to Max Tallberg, his grandson, during the last years of Thomas´s life. The text will present Thomas Tallberg´s theories and findings, ranging from cancer treatment to sterile inflammatory diatheses and equine sarcoid, as well as the scientific applications of his thoughts. The book is of interest to any medically or biologically oriented reader. Anyone, both lay man and professional, who is interested in an alternative way of perceiving biology, medicine and health, will find the text interesting.

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